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4th-Jan-2009 10:19 pm - a new poem
i figured it was time to update. so here is a new poem. *smirk* can you tell i am not the most cheerful of folks?

I called it.   Blind pain.

Can you see me? I am here. I’ve been here all this time.

Why don’t you respond? I’ve talked to you, do you think I am some kid of mime?

Can you hear me?, I hear you, I take in all you say. I can be intelligent to, why won’t you look my way?

Why don’t you except me, ? am I more different than you,? I have hands eyes, a heart.

I am not made of stone you know, I feel I see I hear. Am I not created similarly to you? I’ve a mind I can write I can read. If you prick me will I not bleed?

Is my blood a different color from yours. It is red has yours turned blue?

I don’t see why you ignore me, do you think I will go away?

I’d rather not, it’s a free country you know, here I will stay.

Do you want me to leave? You could ask me nicely, you really need not call me names.

Do you think you will hurt me ? you do you know, I won’t show it yet. But my heart is stained.   I’m a cold individual, Why? Because you made me so. I have kept my emotions chained. Do you want something? To bad, you can go to hell. Cry all you like I won’t be blamed.

If you had been kinder we could have been friends, another person in your entourage.

I was there and I listened , I cared , when no one else would. I heard all.

I was there could you see me? I’ve been here all the time, I spoke, but you seem to think I’m some kind of mime.  Can’t you hear me? I hear you, and take in all that you say. I’m intelligent too , why don’t you look my way?

14th-Sep-2008 08:56 pm - another poem

I am really going through some stuff right now, its the time of year I seem to reflect on everyone I've lost in the last decade, I don't know why, .
any way, I wrote this in early august. its depressing i warn you.

Everytime I start to love a lightning bolt seems to come from above,
Tearing asunder my love from me, leaving me shaken , struggling to breathe.
Feel like im in a box, only able to greive. Watching through the crack as my love dies from disease.
Seeing it taken for someone else’s pleasure, being devoured at another one’s leasure.
Seeing it as it withers away, disappearing slowly day by day.
Watch as the distance between us greatens, hoping some new spark of love will awaken.
I feel like an ice queen, a block of cold stone. I want not to love, to feel even more pain.
I don’t want to see this happen again.
Why must I suffer, why must I see, my Happiness , my Love ,being taken from me?
2nd-Sep-2008 09:57 am - the poetry
I said I would post my writing and my poetry and so i am. this is one of my first poems.
my inspiration came from watching my mentor play her violin(I play the violin too, she was my teacher.)

if you like any of my poems, and want to use them elswhere, please tell me, otherwise,  copyright sarah fleischer 2008

The Violinist’s hands.
The strings are quiet; the bow is still, waiting silently until,
The moment they are touched by the violinist’s hands.
Now she places bow to string for the time has come for the violin to sing.
The throatless voice singing through the ages, sounds written deep into history’s pages, now skillfully manipulated by the violinist’s hands.
See her fingers , how they fly, causing the sound of that haunting cry, see her hands move quick and graceful , dancing as only an expert is able, This violinist’s hands.
Now the strings vibrate with sound, causing everyone around, to stop their duty and come and see the cause of that sweet melody,
And so to see the magic wrought and to see the one who has brought this beauty to their humble life, it is the violinist’s hands.
 Her hands are still, they dance no more, but sit folded in her lap,
But the silent violin and bow are still waiting quietly until,
Such a time as they are touched by the violinist’s hands.

1st-Sep-2008 10:25 pm - intro and poetry.
Well, not much to say about me, but I thought this would be a good place to post some of my writing and poetry.
poetry is my way of venting how I feel.  Sometimes its happy most of the time its very emotional stuff.
basically , i write when i am fustrated.
I will post some of it later.
20th-Mar-2008 08:53 am - k

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